The Blizzard that Wasn’t

Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard Wednesday

Pity the weather forecasters who need to tell the North Fork what will happen–all the water around us, and our position generally, makes it hard for the forecasters to know where the rain/snow line will set up. As a result it’s not unusual for a snow forecast to be a bust, though Tuesday’s was rather spectacular: 12-18 inches predicted originally, turned 6-12 inches in the shadow of the storm’s arrival, proved to be a few mostly washed away by lots of rain. The wind was no joke though; a proper nor’easter blow, for hours. (We all stayed indoors.) But the upshot was nice; we needn’t tromp through snow piles as we go about our days. Indeed, the rain washed away much of the snow that remained, so we see mostly green when we look at our fields.

img_6082 img_6084

Still, the mercury is low, so it’s nice to think about indoor pleasures, such as food. Since we have so many wonderful Bed and Breakfasts, here’s a glimpse of how you might start your day if you came out here to stay:






gourmet breakfast

Buttermilk waffles-2

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