Relaxing at Lenz, Opening at Alex Ferrone, Maritime Fun to Come

The gateway into Lenz Winery (from the inside)

There’s few better ways to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon than at Lenz, sipping wine, eating cheese, charcuterie, bread & crackers, and enjoying Jesse Barnes on the guitar.

On the other hand, if you like strolling vendors offering unusual wares, the 40th Annual Mattituck Street Fair was the place to be last weekend.

The North Fork’s vibrant arts scene was on full display at the Alex Ferrone Gallery, which celebrated the opening of its show: Elemental Light. 

Art Critic Charles Riley, Juror Lisa Chalif

Artist Eva Iacono with her work, Flame Sky, and exhibit guests


Photographer Art Papayanopulos with his work Shadows on the Wall which took a Juror’s Mention Award.

This week we’ve added the Maritime Festival to the calendar, using words to explain why you should come; here’s a few pictures too:

Merry Merfolk parading in Greenport

an ice boat

more ice boats


pirates (arrggh)

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